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Management accounting services

Do you own a business with the turnover of 500k or more per year? Do you need management accounts ready on your table every month (or quarter)? Do you feel that your accountant charges a lot of money for preparing your management accounts?

We can prepare your comprehensive management reports every month (or every quarter) for an affordable fixed fee. Our fees for preparing your management accounts would typically be 60% cheaper than what your accountant would charge for a similar service. We will also ensure that you get them right on time every month for your important management decisions.

What management reports can we prepare for you

  • Profit and loss report
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow report
  • Budgets and forecast
  • Income trend report
  • Expense trend report
  • Aged debtors report
  • Other custom reports for your business

These management reports would instantly give you a snapshot of your business performance and will help you make informed business decisions. We currently help several businesses across Kenya get accurate management reports on time.

These reports will give you the latest view on your finances, expenses and business performance. We know that real time management reports is very important for a well run business. You can use these reports to evaluate the performance of your company, highlight issues, perform detailed analysis and formulate suitable solutions.

Using these reports you can get a clear comparison against previous years and what to anticipate in the future. We know that every business is different and one reporting structure will not fit everyone. That is why we work closely with you to create customised reports specific to your business.

Why 2Max Solutions for your management accounting

  • You will get your management reports on time
  • You will get custom reports specific to your business
  • You will get management reports at 70% lesser rates
  • You can make informed decisions based on our reports
  • You will get accurate reports that are easy to understand
  • You need not chase your accountant for getting the reports
  • You will get additional time to concentrate on your business
  • You will get an accountant to answer questions whenever you need them

Contact us and we will be happy to discuss on how we can help you to get management reports at 60% lesser cost.

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