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Outsourcing Quantitative Research Services in Kenya

Dedicated quantitative research services in kenya from 2Max Solutions assist decision-makers measure business characteristics and compare different alternatives. This approach to research includes index modeling, risk management, data analysis, credit research, econometrics and market studies. To help organizations of all sizes in their quest for timely, accurate and cost-effective quantitative research, 2Max Solutions provides customized quantitative research services.

2Max Solutions specializes in providing quantitative market research and financial market research that can help you overcome challenges when decisions needed to enter or exit markets. This often depend on detailed analysis of the underlying numbers — realistically assessing market size and earnings potential make the difference between a healthy and struggling bottom line for any company.

2Max’s statistical and data analysis involves much more than extracting information from surveys, questionnaires, financial statements and other raw data sources. Outsourcing quantitative research services to 2Max Solutions, you can save both time and money. For example, 2Max Solutions can show you how to survey a larger number of participants while simultaneously reducing processing speed by using a more efficient survey technique.

Observing the highest professional standards is a critical element in achieving research success. For corporate executives and specialized professionals such as investment bankers, risk managers, traders and asset managers, 2Max Solutions always meets and exceeds industry guidelines — and client satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Blending quantitative research and qualitative research is frequently required in order to produce optimized research results. With extensive experience and expertise in both of these areas, 2Max Solutions is ready to help with any of your research needs. More details about all of our quantitative research services are provided below.

Why choose 2Max Solutions as your outsourcing partner?

  • You deal with a Kenya limited company (with our own offices in Nairobi)
  • Local Kenya contact for your peace of mind
  • Good English skills for easy communication
  • You can set budgeted hours for each job
  • Instant support via phone, email and instant message
  • 7+ years experience of helping several Kenya firms/Companies

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