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Payroll Services In Kenya

 Outsourced Payroll Processing & Management Services In Kenya| 2Max Solutions Limited

Outsourcing Payroll Services in Kenya enables businesses to focus on their core processes and hence cut down unnecessary costs and attain sustainable growth. Payroll outsourcing is currently trending as it’s not only embraced by small organizations but also the medium and large companies.

Among the Business outsourcing solutions, payroll processing is cited as one of the most outsourced administrative burdens. It is one of the most labor and time intensive tasks in any business organization. Hence payroll management outsourcing is one service that most business owners would embrace cheerfully. Some main reasons why organizations turn to payroll processing companies could be to save on time and cost, embrace security, avoid unnecessary mistakes, and ensure compliance.

Outsourced Payroll Processing Services In Kenya:

  • Processing of monthly payroll for the company
  • Remitting Statutory deductions as required by law and other employee benefits
  • Payment of salaries through direct transfers to employee accounts
  • Transferring pensions, Sacco payment, loans, mortgages etc as shall be required by respective employees
  • Payslip generation- soft/hard copy
  • Providing updated records/ statements to client within the timelines agreed with the client
  • Attendance & Leave records management

2Max Solutions Ltd is a leading provider of Payroll solutions in Kenya, which includes payroll processing services. We provide flexible corporate payroll services that improve the quality of payroll management for employers of all sizes. We handle the time consuming tasks of payroll processing and employee payroll tax filing so employers – regardless of their size – can focus on their core business.

We make use of the Aren Payroll Software.

How it Works

  • We provide Payroll Processing Services to employers of all size: small, mid- size and large businesses as well as multinational business payroll processing solutions.
  • Our software systems will process and electronically deposit employees net pay, prepare and print pay slip.
  • We provide Payroll Management Services which entail :
    • On site payroll management,
    • PC solutions with back–end processing, service and support from AMSOL.
  • You can choose the following data input options :
    • Internet/ online payroll solutions
    • Standalone PC
    • Local or Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN)
  • Some other value added corporate payroll services we offer are: Time Management services, standard and customized payroll reports & tools, IT support and application hosting.


  • Produce customized management reports
  • Create reports about statistics (based on your need)

What are your benefits of outsourcing Payroll processing?

  • You could focus on your core business
  • You could save your Payroll processing costs by 50%
  • You get a better process for handling Payroll

Why 2Max Solutions for outsourcing your Payroll processing?

  • 7+ years experience serving Kenya businesses
  • A large team of Payroll processing experts
  • Local team of accountants in the Kenya to work with you(for transition)
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