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Outsourcing Salary Survey Services in Kenya

2Max Solutions is one of the leading compensation and salary survey companies in Kenya. We design and conduct tailored compensation surveys for clients. In addition, we have a database of published compensation survey data from which we can draw competitive pay information to assist clients in updating their pay practices.

2Max Solutions has designed and conducted salary compensation surveys for clients on a broad range of topics. Normally, these surveys are conducted to help clients ensure that their compensation practices are, or remain, competitive. They generally focus on cash compensation practices – i.e., base salaries, incentive compensation, bonus arrangements, etc. – but can also include benefit and perquisite practices.

When rapid response is a priority, or the situation does not require the precision that a tailored survey provides, our extensive database of published salary surveys by industry is available to assist clients price one or two jobs or an array of positions. The turnaround time in drawing from our databank and helping clients price their jobs is normally minimal. This can be quite useful in saving clients time and money.

The compensation surveys and related pay comparisons we perform for clients can be conducted either as standalone projects, or as part of a broader compensation study where our firm is engaged to develop a formal compensation program for the client and job pricing is an important part of the engagement.

Why choose 2Max Solutions as your outsourcing partner?

  • You deal with a Kenya limited company (with our own offices in Nairobi)
  • Local Kenya contact for your peace of mind
  • Good English skills for easy communication
  • You can set budgeted hours for each job
  • Instant support via phone, email and instant message
  • 7+ years experience of helping several Kenya firms

If you have planned to expand your company, this is the right time. It is right time because with the option of accounting outsourcing, you can quickly grow your firms. You can just focus on marketing and win new clients. We will do all the time consuming work of bookkeeping, looking for missing information, accounts preparation and any other accounting tasks as required by your clients.

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