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Bookkeeping Services In Kenya

Organising your accounts can be a tiresome task. You want to get on with your business and spend time growing it. You don't want to spend time visiting accountants and spend hours of paper shuffling. The solution is online accounting service.

Our online accounting service is incredibly easy to use. The cost of using our online accounting service is highly affordable. Typically you will save about 60% of your local accounting costs.

How does online accounting service work?

Just send your receipts and statements by email, fax, scan (or) give us access to your computer so that we can fetch your data directly from your own computer. We will do your accounting work using either one of the following 3 methods

  1. Use online accounting software (example: Xero, QuickBooks online)
  2. Remotely connect to your computer and do your accounting
  3. Do work from our computer and send you the completed reports and backups

Why use our online accounting service?

  • You don't need to visit an accountant's office
  • You don't need to employ an accountant at your office
  • Your work gets done typically overnight
  • You get a cost saving of 50% (or more)

Why switch to online accounting service now?

When running a business, you need to take decisions quickly. To take quick decisions you would need your accounts to be updated in real-time. To get real time accounts, it is difficult unless you have a team of accountants at your office.

By switching to our online accounting service, you will get your accounts updated in real time. Some benefits of using online accounting services are

  • Overnight updates to your accounts
  • You can access your accounts 24/7
  • Your accounting cost would reduce by 50%

How do I start?

  • Send your requirements to us
  • We will contact you and set everything up (within a day)
  • You scan and send your receipts, bills and bank statements
  • We will update your accounting overnight and send you the reports
  • Access your accounting reports anytime, anywhere
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